Unknown (norasdollhouse) wrote,

Wedding day blog (part 1)

Last night I dreamed about working while on holiday. In my dream my line manager kept telling to stop working and have fun.
Well I'm not going to do any work today. Despite bryn's threats though, I'm not letting him confiscate my work phone.

I'm getting married at 3pm today. I had a nightmare day yesterday trying to get the very last things sorted; simon's dad crashed his car into the back of ours while we were taking the flowers and cake to the venue and the hotel complained of a power shortage and decided to move loads of my guests to another hotel the other side of the city without notifying anyone. My wonderful dad sorted that by throwing money at the situation, and making sure no-one from the wedding was moved.

I'm hoping today will be a better day.

The plan so far is to do some mat exercise, have a bath and then go for breakfast with my parents. I still haven't seen the finished dress, which my mum fished making yesterday, so I'll try that on (i have a back up dress just in case) with my French bridal cap, then try on my party dress for the evening. I have a hair apt at 12 but I'm not sure I will bother- I'll just have my hair down. I have a run through with the flower girl at 1pm and then I'll be on the champagne and getting ready. I'm planning on walking over to the venue at 2.50pm with my dad and some friends unless it rains. I'm hoping for a fun, and relaxing day.


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