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Wedding blog part 2

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Yesterday I got married and I had a great time.

After having a leisurely breakfast with Bryn, Matt p and claire N (friend from work) joined us to walk around coventry's bombed out cathedral. Bryn took some photos and then we wandered around looking at the architecture in the cathedral quarter. We had a run through at the venue at 1pm to make sure the flower girl knew what to do and also to make sure dad and I knew what we were doing. Then we went back to the hotel we were all staying at to get ready. Claire and I drank champagne while Bryn and Matt kept us up to date with peoples arrival times. Kellie, the flower girl was getting dressed in my room while dan, Ruth and jta arrived. My mum later arrived with my dress and I was changed just in time for Bryn to come in and have a look.

I walked up the cobbled hill with my dad to the venue to be welcomed by our photographers. They took pictures as we walked the last few steps into the guildhall courtyard. Kellie's shout of 'lizzie's here' warned people of my arrival. Kellie did a great job throwing petals and loved all the attention as well as the dress my mum made for her.

After the ceremony, simon and I walked through a long tunnel of guests throwing confetti.
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On August 15th, 2011 02:23 pm (UTC), scatmania commented:
And an awesome time was had by all. Thanks so much for inviting u; we all had a wonderful time.
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