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The First Time

Welcome into my first experimental venture into the world of bryn technology. I managed not long ago to create a website using 'frontpage' which i know will make alot of people retch, but im not ashamed of knowing little about computers. No one should pretend to know everything, and it gives me something to think and learn more about.

i want to use this space to create something that is interesting, and so i want to tell stories. i wont use this space as a diary or sequence of events, but as a testimony to fantasy. The main character of the play 'a dolls house' (by Ibsen) created a new reality for herself, steeped in fantasy to enable herslf to control and separate herself from her trapped surroundings, and her unhappiness. I can identify myself with nora but i am free from the dolls house. now i just want to show you my created realities.

liz xxx

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